Blood Sugar Checker Prank

Blood Sugar Checker Prank

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Entertainment | 2.0MB | Update: 2017-07-05 | Version: 1.0 | Requires: Android3.0 or later

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This app has four Categories:-
1. Blood Sugar Checker with thumb Prank
2. Solar Battery Charger Prank
3. Finger Battery charger Prank
4. 3G 4G Signal Booster
Blood pressure Checker Prank:-
Blood Sugar Tester with fingerprint is a prank application which calculate your blood Sugar and scan your finger for making a result your blood glucose / hypoglycemia / hyperglycemia
People think this a Real Finger blood sugar checked test prank application.
How to Use :
+ Open this blood sugar tracker App or blood glucose monitoring app.
+ Select your gender and click next button now you have a thumb pad.
+ Place your finger or thumb on fingerprint scanner and wait till animation complete.
+ After completing the scanning this sugar monitor app calculating your blood sugar level range for diabetes. now this diabetes sugar blood tester show a value on blood sugar scanner machine.
Disclaimer :
This "blood Sugar test Checker Prank" application is for fun and entertainment.
This is a prank application and its generate simulate result of blood sugar.
Please Don't take these Result seriously.Controlling diabetes symptoms is not very difficult just keeping blood sugar low, by eating low-crab soups.
Solar Battery Charger Prank :-
Solar Battery Charger / Solar Panel Charger/ sunlight charger Prank is the best solution to charge your phone, fast and environmental friendly.
Charge battery without charger.
In addition, thanks to quick charging technology / solar fast charge technology.
Solar battery charging speed is 83% faster than other charging app with normal charging speed.
It uses graphic solar panels
Note for solar charger/phone charger :-
The application is a prank. Please do not place your phone under sunlight to avoid being damaged.
Charging phone through solar light is not possible. Please do not expose your phone to sunlight as it may damage it. This application is a prank and developed for fun and entertainment purpose only.
Download Solar Battery Charger Prank and enjoy!
Finger Battery charger Prank:-
If you are a prankster and if you want to prank your friends by showing your battery charging with your thumb print using this Fingerprint battery charger.
Fingerprint Battery charger is only the android app which is made to prank your friends.
This is only the Prank Application where you can fool your friends, Loving one's ,neighbours and your family by showing Finger Battery Charge.
Disclaimer: Fingerprint Battery charger Prank is only for FUN purposes. It does not really charge your android Battery charger. Charging Battery is not really possible with Fingerprint scanner battery. The results that are displayed is only the random numbers.
This will be your best prank application to make fun with friends.
3G 4G Signal Booster Prank:
2G 3G 4G network speed booster prank give an impression that allows you to reconnect to the strongest, fastest internet 3g and 4g signals available in the place that was executed.
This signal stabilizer or service booster app shows an impression that it boost up your 3g signal.
Prank your friends and tell them this is a new effective application will help to improve GSM, 3G, 4G , 5G and LTE
signals on your mobile phone/tablet.
It is a prank of net speed booster 3g to 4g/ connection stabiliser / gsm signal booster
it is a faster internet 2x speed booster prank
It shows the impression of boosting internet faster.
Features of signal amplifier or cell signal booster or data speed booster prank :
This app is just a simulator of lte signal booster or internet connection stabilizer / buffering speed booster .
It shows how connectivity booster /coverage booster can work and strength the reception of target network range.
It is not a real connection stabiliser or not strengthen wifi signal or strengthen wifi connection.
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